Since Thanksgiving is upon us…I thought I would reflect on those who I should say thanks to.

First – thanks to everyone who in the last 2 – 3 months have sent condolences on the passing of my husband.  He suffered greatly the last couple of years and he is now in a better place.

Next – thanks to all my supporters – Sue, Annie, Norma, Jill, Asia, Sandy, Cindy & Staff at Dog Gone Bakery, Valerie & Alistair, my family and non-doggie friends!  I am sure I have offended some who I did not mention, so my apologies.

And another thanks – to Brenda for keeping me on my toes and to Allana for making Brenda keeping me on my toes.  It all has to do with my website.   Allana is my webmaster and Brenda is my critic (a very nice one at that!).

Next – a special thanks to Valerie & Alistair.  A couple years ago, I fostered and ultimately adopted, a very attractive cat, who was named Panda.  I thought Panda needed a playmate.  Enter Valerie & Alistair.  They run a wonderful society called Lakes Animal Friendship Society and can be found at These folks live in Burns Lake.  Some time ago, Petland in Prince George had a fundraising Saturday for the society and also for Turtle Gardens in Topley, BC.  I found Panda’s playmate at that function.  I noticed I was constantly saying “YOU LITTLE SHIT” as this black and white, skinny little critter jumped from the floor to my shoulder.  Well, it stuck…..just can’t think of another appropriate name for her.

About a month ago, Panda went missing.  Despite efforts at locating her, I have come to the conclusion that she was nabbed by a bird of prey of which we have a lot.  Little Shit has now decided that since Panda is no longer around to play with – now the dogs are “it”!

So HEARTFUL thanks to V & A for Little Shit (please read sarcasm into that!!!  LOL)

I am also so very thankful for the love and demands that my dogs put on me…keeping my perspective in check.  The Italian Greyhounds – Vinci, Zaira, Jenna.  The Jack Russell Gone Wrong – Myls.  The Rhodesian/Husky/Golden (aka SPCA Purebred) – Copper.  And I also have to be thankful for my 30 odd chickens (and believe me…some of them are ODD) who give me not only eggs, but enjoyment and often laughter.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



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