A “Kids Say The Darndest Things” Story

Once upon a time…..I was teaching an obedience class and had my Italian Greyhound with me.  Right after the class, I was to attend a meeting in an adjoining room.  Vinci was pretty tired and when he wants to sleep, he seeks out my hoodie – wearing it or not.  The night of that meeting was no exception, so there I was, sitting there with a dog squeezed in under my hoodie.

A little boy about four years of age approached me.  This is how the conversation went:

Boy:  Watcha got inside your shirt?
Me:  My dog Vinci.

Boy:  Does your dog got a tail?
Me:  (Reaching inside for a tail and showing it to him)

Boy:  Hmmm – is it a boy dog or a girl dog?
Me:  (not sure where this was going….) It’s a boy dog.

Boy:  Is your dog “noodled”?
Me:  (trying EXTREMELY hard not to laugh) Yes, he’s neutered.

Boy:  Good thing, ‘cuz we don’t need more dogs around.

I can just picture the conversations that family has around the dinner table!

Later, gater….


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