A Busy Two Days

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you will know what I’ve been up to the last couple of days….but here’s a clue what kept me up…  Yup - eleven of the little darlings (I think one is MIA in this pic).  The fun of raising your own chickens and the surprises you get.  And no… the one with the stripe on it’s back is not available (unless it turns out to be a rooster)!

Must get busy and do my lessons.  Have to go to the jail tomorrow.  We are loosing one dog and a couple of inmates are being parolled.  It’s nice when the dogs find their furever home, but also exciting when new ones come in.  We are currently getting dogs from Turtle Gardens, an Humane Society in the Topley/Smithers area.  It’s a lot of satisfaction and a warm fuzzy feeling every time I leave Corrections.  Hopefully I’ve help an inmate in some small way and have developed dogs that will be excellent family companions.
Night all….


A “Kids Say The Darndest Things” Story

Once upon a time…..I was teaching an obedience class and had my Italian Greyhound with me.  Right after the class, I was to attend a meeting in an adjoining room.  Vinci was pretty tired and when he wants to sleep, he seeks out my hoodie – wearing it or not.  The night of that meeting was no exception, so there I was, sitting there with a dog squeezed in under my hoodie.

A little boy about four years of age approached me.  This is how the conversation went:

Boy:  Watcha got inside your shirt?
Me:  My dog Vinci.

Boy:  Does your dog got a tail?
Me:  (Reaching inside for a tail and showing it to him)

Boy:  Hmmm – is it a boy dog or a girl dog?
Me:  (not sure where this was going….) It’s a boy dog.

Boy:  Is your dog “noodled”?
Me:  (trying EXTREMELY hard not to laugh) Yes, he’s neutered.

Boy:  Good thing, ‘cuz we don’t need more dogs around.

I can just picture the conversations that family has around the dinner table!

Later, gater….



My Webmistress is such a pushy lady!!  Judi, you need this, Judi, you need that.  I’m going along with the gig and she throws in “Judi, you need a Blog”!  So here I am finally…who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  I will be attempting to let you know what is going on in my dog training world from time to time.

For starters this time around, I have a new training centre.  Hopefully, I will have some before and after pictures to share soon once the artwork is done on my walls.  This is very exciting for me and would dearly love to share it with everyone.

Training tips will be forthcoming once I get used to blogging, but more importantly, REMEMBERING to blog!

Ta for now……….Judi